The nature of mold and water restoration is a destructive one; fortunately many homeowner’s insurance policies cover one or the other – or both! This means we, as the mold remediation contractor, are often dealing directly with an insurance adjuster or public adjuster. We must be able to speak the same language for proper communication. Insurance companies often want estimates to be broken down in the detailed format provided by very expensive estimating software. Fortunately, we use Xactimate, as many insurance companies do, to create detailed sketches and broken-down estimates so there is no miscommunication or mincing of words. This fluid transfer translates to less headache from all parties involved, including the homeowner.

xactimate mold estimate

Another advantage of using Crestview for your water restoration or mold remediation is our experience. Not only do we know how to speak the language of the adjuster, but we know what they want to see, and we get it done quickly and efficiently. We implement the use of local licensed public adjusters when needed, to make sure our customers are covered and fully taken care of.

Don’t forget, Crestview Mold & Water Services is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide fast emergency response for your water restoration or mold remediation needs. This is important, as some jobs just can’t “wait till morning.” Weekends and holidays don’t take precedence over our customers, either.