On October 16 at 5:00 AM Mrs L woke to find water pouring out of her ceiling. Her phone had even gotten wet so she panicked and went outside and started screaming for help. Fortunately a neighbor was leaving for work and came to the aid of 90 year old Mrs. L. The fire department was called and they did what they could, then finally at nearly 9 AM someone called Crestview. We had a crew there within 30 minutes and had all her wet carpet and furniture pulled out, and commercial dehumidifiers running, by the end of the day. Mrs. L was devastated, however. Her once-quaint little home had been ransacked by water and was in shambles. We explained to her that we’d work as fast as possible to get her back to normal but she didn’t want to hear any of it – she’d heard it all before. The difference is, though… she’d never heard that story from us.

Due to Mrs. L’s age and health condition, she declined a temporary hotel stay graciously offered by her landlord, so the Crestview crew had to work quickly and keep her safe through the rebuild. The hardest part was waiting – we couldn’t start the buildback until everything left was dried out thoroughly, and the subfloor and ceiling were soaking wet. A small portion of one of the walls was saturated, and since it was paneling on top of wet drywall, it had to come out because drywall takes forever to dry and the paper covering is an excellent source of nutrition for mold and other microbes. Once the areas were mostly dried, all affected areas were treated with an anti-microbial agent just to make sure nothing would be left to start growing and causing health issues down the road.


Once everything was dried out, a quick rebuild started. First, the wall section that was saturated and removed had to be rebuilt. Since the original construction was paneling over 3/8″ drywall, that’s how it went back together. As much of the original trim that could be saved was carefully removed, sanded down, and reinstalled. The standard paneling trim was replaced with identical materials. This was done on Friday, October 22 – only 7 days after the original incident (and the first opportunity we had after everything was dry).

On Monday, October 25th the ceiling tiles were replaced and painting began. A depressed Mrs. L looked on from the confines of her bedroom, not realizing how close to the finish line we actually were. Due to time constraints the paint was completed on Tuesday the 26th, and carpet was scheduled for the 28th. Then, by some miracle, the carpet installer called on Wednesday morning and asked if they could come in that day, as they’d had a cancellation. We naturally obliged, and just that fast her carpet was in; by the end of the day the living room was put back together and Mrs. L was ecstatic that she could finally sit somewhere other than her bedroom. This is nowhere short of miraculous, and anyone in the water restoration industry would agree. Having a major multi-floor water intrusion and going back to “better-than-new” condition in just 12 days is, for the most part, unheard of.

The crew stopped by on Thursday, October 28th to pick up some equipment and put new outlet and switch covers, and Mrs. L was entertaining guests in her newly refurbished room. She marveled at the great choice of colors and mentioned that some relatives had asked for our number because they want their houses to look the same! I informed her that we’re not a home improvement company and the only way they’d have that privilege is if they throw many buckets of water around the house.